Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Praises Infrastructure Investments to Boost Connectivity

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing rehabilitation of key road networks, including the Highlands Highway, Ramu Highway, Bulolo Highway, and Lae-Nadzab Road, during the inauguration of Papua New Guinea’s second international airport at Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport on Monday, October 2, 2023.

Prime Minister Marape underscored the strategic importance of these infrastructure projects, emphasising their role in enhancing connectivity to Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport. Once completed, these road upgrades will significantly benefit residents of the Highlands, Madang, and Morobe regions, making it easier for them to access international and domestic flights.

The government’s commitment to the rehabilitation of these vital roads is evident through substantial investments, including:

• K300 million allocated for the improvement of Kassam Pass, Daulo Pass, and the Chimbu sections of the Highlands Highway.

• A K1 billion budget designated for the construction of 73 double-lane bridges between Kagamuga in Mt Hagen and Nadzab.

• K450 million dedicated to upgrading the Ramu Highway from Watarais to Madang.

• K70 million in assistance from the Australian Government, supplemented by Papua New Guinea Government funding, to rehabilitate the Bulolo Highway, extending all the way to Garaina, Menyamya, Kaintiba in Gulf, and Marawaka in Eastern Highlands.

• An investment of K600 million for the development of a four-lane road from Yalu Bridge to Nadzab.

Prime Minister Marape emphasised that these infrastructure projects are part of a deliberate effort to stimulate economic growth in the country. He stated, “We have seen the jigsaw puzzle of development since we took Government in 2019. We are stitching everything together for a modern Papua New Guinea economy. Development does not happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day. Building a country does not take overnight miracles, but consistent intervention in programmes that matter most, and will be catalysts for the next wave of development to come into our country.”

These investments in infrastructure reflect the government’s commitment to fostering progress and creating opportunities for the people of Papua New Guinea.