Prime Minister Hon. James Marape to Open the 17th Papua New Guinea Resources and Energy Conference in Sydney, Australia

– Prime Minister Hon. James Marape is set to open the 17th Papua New Guinea Resources and Energy Conference at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on Monday, December 11, 2023.

The conference follows Prime Minister Marape’s recent visit to Canberra, where he signed the Bilateral Security Agreement with Australian Prime Minister Hon. Anthony Albanese last Thursday.

This event will serve as a significant gathering, bringing together representatives from both the government and private sector, resource sector ministers, and industry leaders.

Prime Minister Marape expressed, “The conference will be held at an exciting and crucial time for the mining and petroleum sectors in Papua New Guinea. It is indeed an honor to be back here in Sydney to open this important annual conference.

“I highly value this conference as it serves as a platform that brings together key stakeholders from both government and business to share ideas and explore opportunities in the hydrocarbon and mineral sectors.”

Ahead of the conference’s opening, Prime Minister Marape engaged with leading investors today, emphasising the importance of collaboration in the dynamic resource and energy landscape.