Prime Minister James Marape Supports Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School’s Infrastructure Development

Prime Minister James Marape today demonstrated his commitment to education and technical skill development by pledging support towards the infrastructure programme of Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School. The announcement was made  today during the school’s Grades 10 and 12 graduation ceremony in Sogeri, Central Province.

Prime Minister Marape commended the school board of management and the dedicated teaching staff of Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School for their leadership in implementing government policies in the Education Sector.

The Prime Minister announced his Government will give support of K2.5 million towards infrastructure development at the school.

“Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School has undoubtedly become a pioneer in realising the Marape-Rosso Government’s ‘Leave No Child Behind’ vision by equipping students in Grades 10 and Grade 12 across the nation with technical and life skills,” he stated.

The school, along with its staff and management, received accolades for their forward-thinking approach in embracing the challenge of becoming an Agro-Technical School, where students are equipped with valuable life skills in agriculture.

Prime Minister Marape expressed the significance of his attendance at the graduation, emphasising the school’s unique position in providing students with both life skills and modern educational knowledge.

“Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School has excelled in the implementation of a major National Government policy aimed at imparting practical life skills and agricultural knowledge to students, thereby aligning with government policy,” Prime Minister Marape affirmed.

He highlighted the school’s critical role in advancing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)-based education, emphasising the importance of preparing future generations with skills for lifelong success, including agriculture and land-based livelihoods.

The Prime Minister expressed the government’s commitment to supporting schools like Iarowari to equip future generations with the necessary skills and education for prosperous lives beyond the classroom.

Established in 1961 as a Junior High School, Iarowari Agro-Technical Secondary School has evolved into a secondary school with a focus on technical, vocational, and life skills since 2022.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Marape recalled the National Government’s substantial allocation of funds to education, noting that early last year, K632 million was allocated, followed by K720 million at the end of the year. This year, K764.5 million has been allocated for school subsidies, reflecting the government’s dedication to enhancing the education sector.