Prime Minister Marape Acknowledges Morobe’s Vital Role in Papua New Guinea’s Economy

Prime Minister and Treasurer Hon. James Marape has described Morobe as one of the “most-important” provinces of the country which anchors 70 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s economy.

He reiterated this sentiment on Friday, February 16, 2024, when receiving the K681 million Morobe Provincial Budget from Morobe Governor Hon. Luther Wenge. Prime Minister Marape assured Governor Wenge that he would expedite the approval of the Morobe budget through the Treasury.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Lae MP Hon. John Rosso, Finance Minister and Finschhafen MP Hon. Rainbo Paita, Morobe Provincial Administrator Max Bruten, members of the Tutumang (Morobe Provincial Assembly), and provincial administration officials.

The K680,765,400 2024 Morobe Provincial Budget was ratified in the Morobe Tutumang (provincial assembly) earlier in the week.

“With 70 per cent of the budget, amounting to K469,187,700, funded by National Government grants, this allocation reflects a significant investment in Morobe’s future,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“The balance, constituting 30% or K211,577,600, is financed through Morobe Provincial Government’s Internal Revenue.

“Lae is from where Momase is fed, Highlands is fed, and New Guinea Islands are fed in terms of economic spin.

“Morobe is one of the most-important provinces in the country.

“I appreciate the continued support of Morobe in as far as the economy is concerned and where we are


Prime Minister Marape highlighted that the budget also includes provisions for Infrastructure Development Grants (IDGs) for the Wafi-Golpi Mine.

“Later this month, if not early next month, the Mining Department will visit Morobe again to complete necessary steps concerning the Wafi-Golpu Mine Project,” he announced.