Prime Minister Marape Announces Increased Government Allocation of K856 Million for School Fee Assistance in 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape announced today that the Government’s allocation for school fee assistance in 2024 will see a significant boost to K856.686 million, marking an increase of K88.846 million from the 2023 allocation of K767.84 million. The announcement comes after an extensive meeting with Education Secretary, Dr. Uke Kombra, on the outcomes of the Department of Education in 2023 and priorities set for 2024.

A first quarter allocation of K214 million is anticipated to be disbursed this month, just before the commencement of classes.

Prime Minister Marape emphasised the need for accountability in the utilisation of these funds during the announcement. He urged school administrations to responsibly manage the annual disbursements, covering both school fees and project fees.

“The Government is making a substantial annual contribution for school fee assistance, encompassing various fees. We expect school administrations nationwide to uphold transparency and responsibility in utilising these funds dedicated to the education of the children of our country,” he stated.

Having served as the Minister of Education from 2008 to 2011, Prime Minister Marape stressed the importance of ensuring that every child receives an education, aligning with the government’s continued heavy investment in the education sector.

“No child should be left behind,” asserted Prime Minister Marape.

“All the interventions we are making are geared towards empowering the next generation to contribute to a better Papua New Guinea.”

Prime Minister Marape called for a collaborative effort, highlighting the shared responsibility between the government, parents, and citizens. He urged citizens to recognise their role in supporting the education of their children and not solely rely on the government.

“This year, in addition to the K856 million for school fee assistance, we are also supporting programmes like the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP), Higher Education Contribution Assistance Scheme (HECAS), and Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (TESAS),” he added.

Prime Minister Marape encouraged parents to actively participate in supporting schools through various means, such as contributing resources, working for the school, ensuring security, and engaging in activities that benefit the educational institutions.