Prime Minister Marape Appoints Five New Ministers

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today announced the appointment of five new ministers following recent political developments in which a number of ministers defected to the Opposition.

He announced the appointments at Government House today after the five ministers were sworn in by Governor-General H.E Sir Bob Dadae.

The newly appointed ministers are:

•   Tewai-Siassi MP Hon. Kobby Bomareo, reappointed as Housing Minister;

•   Vanimo-Green MP Hon. Belden Namah, appointed as Culture and Tourism Minister, replacing Isi Henry Leonard;

•   Unggai-Bena MP Hon. Kinoka Feo, appointed as Higher Education Minister, replacing Don Polye;

•   Kerema MP Hon. Thomas Opa, appointed as Energy Minister, replacing Robert Naguri; and

•   Wapenamenda MP Hon. Miki Kaeok, appointed as Finance Minister, replacing Rainbo Paita.

Prime Minister Marape announced that Minister Namah will also take control of tourism policing and border security, while Minister Opa will also take charge of Petroleum after Esa’ala MP Hon. Jimmy Maladina stepped down from the position.

He said he would maintain responsibility over Mining Ministry until the election petition case of the former minister, Muguwa Dilu, was dealt with.

Prime Minister Marape noted that today’s appointments bring the number of ministers up to 37, with two more positions to be filled.

“We will also be bringing in new blood into our vice-ministerial portfolios,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“I thank our seniors like Enga Governor Hon. Sir Peter Ipatas, Gulf Governor Hon. Sir Chris Haiveta, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. John Rosso and others for their support. Our nation is approaching its 50th anniversary of independence and we are timebound to carry out certain things, including our government’s core policy focus on laws that will ensure securing more for our country.

“This is evident in Porgera where we get 51 percent of benefits. We have no time to waste on destructive politics and want to focus on productive work

“We took office in 2019 with a focus on getting more from our forestry, fisheries, agriculture, mining, and petroleum . for our people.”