Prime Minister Marape Commits K10 Million to Refurbish Chimbu’s Iconic Provincial Headquaters

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has committed a K10 million grant to the Chimbu Provincial Government for the refurbishment of the Kondom Agaundo Haus, the provincial headquarters that symbolises regional heritage and leadership.

Constructed in the late 1980s, the Kondom Agaundo Haus has become a notable landmark but has seen significant wear over the years. The building is named after the respected pre- independence leader and former Member of the Legislative Council from 1961-1964, the late Kondom Agaundo.

This significant financial investment underscores the National Government’s dedication to preserving the heritage of Chimbu while fostering sustainable development in the province.

Prime Minister Marape stressed the cultural and historical importance of the Kondom Agaundo Haus on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, during his visit to Chimbu.

In a poignant reminder of the building’s namesake, Prime Minister Marape recalled a historic moment: “One of the first Members of the Legislative Council from the Highlands Region was the late Kondom Agaundo, whom we all know, and in whose honor and legacy we are gathered here today,” he said.

“The late Agaundo never spoke English, but one time, he went and addressed an audience in Australia and said, ‘I don’t speak in English, but one day, my children will come and speak to you in your language, English’.

“I fulfilled and relived that legacy when I addressed the Australian National Parliament in Canberra earlier this year in English. Today I am standing in and addressing you in Kondom Agaundo’s house. Use the K10 million I give you today to refurbish and maintain the Kondom Agaundo Haus, so that the name and legacy of one of our first Highlands leaders must remain for generations to come.”

Further emphasising the government’s support for local governance, Prime Minister Marape highlighted new measures aimed at reinforcing community leadership: “I thank the councillors and presidents, for your work in holding together your communities and maintaining peace. You are our leaders on the ground, and we appreciate the work you do. The National Government, in recognition of your work, has put all ward councillors on the government payroll. We will introduce reforms to support your work in your council wards, and in the provincial government.”