Prime Minister Marape Reaffirms Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has affirmed that his government is committed to being accountable and transparent to the people of Papua New Guinea for the benefit of the nation over the last five years in office.

Prime Minister Marape made this statement today as he reiterated his plan to present a report on behalf of the Executive Government in Parliament on May 30, 2024. This date also marks and celebrates five years of delivering for the nation under his watch as Prime Minister since May 30, 2019.

He said: “People of the country, including leaders in Parliament from both sides of the House, have a right to express their views and pass judgment on how we have fared as a government over the last five years under my administration.

“This continuous providing of opportunity for consultation, review, and freedom of expression of rights upon Government performance on certain decisions, bills, and other agendas is unique for the country, as no Government in the past has really done this openly and transparently. This truly shows the accountability of this Government to the nation of Papua New Guinea.”

Prime Minister Marape said that as his Government celebrates five years of being in office through challenging times, he also reflects upon upholding transparency and fairness, and delivering milestone and significant projects and decisions for the country.

“We are transparent in economic numbers, bills presented in Parliament, government activities among the three tiers of Government, and many more. My ministers in Cabinet who are serving really know what they are doing. Some are highly qualified professionals who are helping and putting in every effort to chart the right path for our country going forward. We are privileged to have them and must give credit where it’s due,” he said.

“Our country is a constitutional democracy and so every individual, business, or leader has the right to scrutinise the functions of the executive government. Our report for the last five years will be provided as mentioned.

“As we are scrutinised and assessed on our performance as a government, considerations must be made on the enormous challenges we have faced and the situation which we inherited from the last Government, especially on the economic front. We are trying to make things better. We have been working very hard and the effect on the economy locally has been great. Global factors such as wars between certain nations have affected us as well in terms of inflation and our trade, as an import-dependent nation.”

The Prime Minister also emphasised that as a government, they had to make some hard decisions along the way over the five years, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters.

“We allowed the Kina to flow free and trade on its own value. This was among the difficult decisions we had to make in the best interest of the country. I also want to place on record and dispel any criticism or unverified comments from some people with vested interests that I have no business interests personally as Prime Minister. I am only trying my best for my country. As a government, we are trying to assist businesses that have been struggling under the challenging economic conditions, removing personal income taxes for low-income earners, providing support to SMEs, paying for school fees for students at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels like never before, and many other things. People must be considerate of such achievements and sacrifices made.

“I must also say that there have been people with vested interests who have placed claims to us, which we had to reject because their claims were not genuine enough and were not in the best interest of our country. But these people whose claims were rejected are the ones who have turned around to criticise us as a government in unfair ways, even to the extent of inciting violence among the people, thus causing confusion and unease with their false accusations and comments.”