Prime Minister Marape Takes Strides Towards Enhanced Bilateral Relations with Indonesia

Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. James Marape, is spearheading a proactive approach to leverage the burgeoning partnership between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, focusing on initiatives such as affordable electricity along the shared border and collaborative road networks.

Building on the recent momentous visit of Indonesia’s President, H.E. Joko Widodo, last month, the two nations are now forging ahead with plans to provide electricity to the town of Vanimo.

During a productive meeting today with Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, H.E. Andriana Supandy, Prime Minister Marape received a comprehensive update on the ongoing progress of the electricity supply project from Jayapura to Vanimo.

“Embracing the economic opportunities facilitated by Indonesia is a call to action for the people of Papua New Guinea,” emphasised Prime Minister Marape.

“Our joint endeavors encompass a range of strategic initiatives, including enhancing access to affordable electricity along the border and collaborating on essential road infrastructure.”

Prime Minister Marape underscored the potential of the border region, stating, “While the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border historically represented a political divide, our commitment is now geared towards its transformation into a thriving economic hub.

“Through a united effort, Indonesia’s surplus electricity stands to uplift communities in northern towns like Vanimo and Wewak, extending its impact to Kiunga and Daru in the south.

“Furthermore, our shared road links from north to south will foster connectivity along the border.”

Prime Minister Marape highlighted the cooperative approach being pursued, mirroring the successful models of countries like Singapore and Malaysia. He emphasised that sovereignty can coexist harmoniously with collaborative resource-sharing.

With these visionary initiatives, Prime Minister Marape envisions a future characterised by mutual prosperity and strong collaboration between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

“The proactive measures taken by both nations are poised to reshape regional dynamics, charting a course towards robust economic growth and shared development,” Prime Minister Marape affirmed.