Prime Minister Hon. James has today assured  the  country  that  his  government  is  continuing  to  make interventions to ease the economic burden on Papua New Guineans throughout the country.

He said Government continues to give incentives to assist citizens even while the government itself is often placed under extreme pressure such as navigating through COVID-19 induced local and international economic contractions, and the Ukraine-Russia war and its effects on nflation.

Prime Minister Marape said despite this, his government continues to offer assistance and support, which record shows, is the most offered to date to relieve the burden on Papua New Guineas.

“I want to give assurance to our people that in these hard economic times, we are doing our absolute best to spread the development Kina right across the country  and keep  the economy afloat,” said PM Marape.

“Our small import-dependent economy has gone through a lot of stress from internal issues and global ones as well.

“As a people-focused government, we are conscious of all these, and putting in our absolute best and making interventions where it matters most.”

Recent examples of this, he said, was in natural disasters in East Sepik and Chimbu where Government was working with provinces and districts to respond immediately in relief, and man-made disasters such as the January 10 mayhem where Government has stepped in to help rebuild affected businesses.

PM Marape said his government continues to make interventions in Education where it is paying the bulk of school fees for secondary education; alleviating project fees in public schools; subsiding higher education through scholarship programs (HECAS/TESAS) and school loan schemes (HELP).

“Our other intervention of lifting the non-paying threshold to K20,000 is the highest any government has made. Last time, in as many years, has been lingering at K12,500.

“We are currently disbursing District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds at 40 percent mark to ensure development runs.

“Our  government,  on  record,  has  given  more  incentives  to  more people in tough times than any other governments of the past.

“We are doing our absolute best to make sure that we help,” said PM Marape.

The Prime Minister has further assured that with the full restoration of the board and management  of  Central Bank, Government expects a better interplay between its Fiscal and Monetary policies to keep the economy in better check and balance as the country progresses this year.

“In the meantime, Porgera has opened. We are working on Pasca; we are working on Papua and P’nyang LNG projects; we working on Wafi- Golpu. These will be the impetus for the next wave of growth as we continue to push agriculture and others in the renewable sector forward.

“Next month May will make it my fifth year in office. When Parliament resumes then, I will present a statistical report to the country that will cover the economy, health, education, infrastructure, law & order, and everything we have done so far.

“We do not talk about all we do all the time, but this government is constantly working to help alleviate the burden on our people and keep the economy of the country afloat,” said PM Marape.