Minister Hon. James Marape Launches Madang Provincial Integrated Development Plan 2023-2027

– Prime Minister Hon. James Marape on Friday, May 24, 2024, launched the Madang Provincial Integrated Development Plan 2023-2027 in Madang Province. This marks the first drafted and approved development plan for Madang Province in over 20 years.

Madang Governor, Hon. Ramsy Pariwa, made the announcement at a significant ceremony held at Bates Oval in Madang Town. He informed attendees that the plan would serve as a compass for the province’s development. Governor Pariwa commended the Marape-Rosso Government for developing the Medium-Term Development Plan IV (MTDP IV), which allows provincial governments to access public funds by aligning their programs with national initiatives.

Governor Pariwa also called on the Prime Minister to collaborate with his Provincial Government to resolve the ongoing court proceedings hindering the appointment of a Provincial Administrator and to address the completion of key infrastructure projects committed by the government. These projects include the Baiyer-Madang Road, a four-lane road from Madang Airport to Madang Town, the Madang Airport Terminal, the development of the Pacific Maritime Industrial Zone (PMIZ), and the rehabilitation of cocoa, coffee, copra, and vanilla plantations in Madang. Additionally, he highlighted the need for better collection of levies and royalties from major projects, especially the Ramu Nickel Project.

He also appealed to the government to consider permanently resettling the people of Manam. Furthermore, the Governor pledged to work with the government to initiate the downstream processing sector of Papua New Guinea in Madang Province.

Prime Minister Marape expressed his pleasure at launching the Madang Provincial Integrated Development Plan 2023-2027. He acknowledged Madang’s significant contribution to the economy of Papua New Guinea and welcomed the Governor’s remarks on the lack of development and support from the National Government for provincial projects.

The Prime Minister committed K10 million to the Madang Airport to Gav Store Road, K10 million to the Divine Word University to Modilon Road project, and another K10 million for the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector and plantations in Madang Province.

He noted that portions of the road construction are currently subject to court proceedings, but assured that work would begin on the unaffected sections while seeking legal advice on how to proceed with the disputed areas.

Prime Minister Marape reiterated his vision for the people of Papua New Guinea to have robust economic infrastructure and achieve economic independence. He emphasized the need for collective effort from both the government and the citizens to ensure the success of development programs and projects. He stressed the importance of improving law and order and ensuring that allocated funds are used effectively.

During the event, Prime Minister Marape also launched the District Development Plan 2023-2027 for Usino-Bundi, completed by the late Jimmy Uguro and now set to be implemented by the Madang Provincial Government.