National Government Commends International Schools for 48 Years of Excellence in PNG Education

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape on Thursday, September 14, 2023, expressed heartfelt appreciation to international schools for their unwavering commitment to educating the nation’s citizens since gaining independence 48 years ago.

International schools have played a pivotal role in providing our children with a quality education enriched with moral and ethical values that align with global standards. Prime Minister  Marape reiterated this sentiment during the 48th Independence Anniversary celebration held at Koroboro International School in Port Moresby.

Under the theme, ‘Our Country; Many Cultures, Embrace Diversity,’ the event beautifully symbolised the unity of our diverse nation, where numerous cultures come together to celebrate as one people, one nation – Papua New Guinea.

Koroboro International School stands as a shining example among the many educational institutions that have set a high standard for delivering quality education founded on moral principles and values to our children. Prime Minister Marape extended his gratitude to the school, a proud member of the International Education Agency (IEA), for its dedicated service to the children of PNG.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Marape also acknowledged the sacrifices made by parents who invest their hard-earned resources in providing their children with access to schools like Koroboro International School. He hinted at a potential tax relief initiative for parents sending their children to IEA schools, aligning with the government’s commitment to leaving ‘No Child Behind.’

Such initiatives align perfectly with the educational vision of the Marape-Rosso government, which is focused on delivering quality education for all, ensuring that no child is left behind.

Prime Minister Marape also addressed an important social issue, counseling male students to change their perception of treatment towards girls and women in the country. He emphasised the role of young men in safeguarding and respecting the dignity of women, who bear the next generation of our nation.

The Marape-Rosso Government firmly believes that education is the cornerstone for individual and national success. In a prelude to his Independence message, Prime Minister Marape urged all citizens to foster respect, care, and love for one another, reflecting the government’s commitment to unity and progress.

Since taking office on May 30, 2019,  Prime Minister Marape has pledged to elevate the standards of healthcare and education to international levels, demonstrating the government’s dedication to its citizens’ well-being and prosperity.

The Marape-Rosso government further solidifies its support for the education sector through initiatives such as the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) subsidy and the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP). These programmes ensure that children have the opportunity to attend school up to Year 12 and pursue higher education, advancing our nation’s future.