PRIME Minister Hon. James Marape has today (07.06.23) confirmed that there is no bill before Parliament to legitimise LGBTQ rights, and the Papua New Guinean Parliament is not likely to pass any legislation on this matter any time soon.

The Prime Minister said the existing laws of the country are sufficient to protect the rights of all PNG citizens and residents including those in the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender Queer) community. 

“There is no bill with our government to promote gays and lesbians in the country. Neither will there be any promotion of gays and lesbians under my watch. People’s sexual preferences are within their individual rights of choice but our government will not be promoting this matter or be seen to be legitimizing gay or lesbian rights in PNG.

“The current laws of our country are sufficient in giving respect to and protecting human rights. These laws protect our people against violence, abuse and these are sufficient. 

“As far both our Melanesian and Christian worldviews are concerned, these unnatural practices are not allowed. And I ask those who are invited residents of Papua New Guinea to respect our national mindset and character.

“There is no bill before us in Parliament today and we don’t intend to go down this path. I want to ask people not to speculate or make up stories to mislead people,” said the Prime Minister. 

To public comments about the United States Embassy in PNG flying the LGBTQ flag on its grounds, PM Marape said that it is their Embassy space and preference.

“Like all activities in embassy grounds and offices, we have no direct control of what happens in mission areas, but I will be reminding them to maintain respect consistent to our culture, custom and religion,” said PM Marape.