Prime Minister Hon. James Marape is calling upon the people of Papua New Guinea to unite behind National Capital District Governor Hon. Powes Parkop in his endeavor to elevate Port Moresby to the status of ‘the best city in the Pacific’. Emphasising the importance of mutual respect and community engagement, the Prime Minister addressed the crowd gathered in Boroko, Port Moresby, on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, during the launch of the ‘Boroko Precinct Transformation Project’ conducted by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).

PM Marape urged respect for the traditional Mori-Koita landowners of Port Moresby and the people of Central.

To support this ambitious project, the National Government has pledged a K20 million commitment to the NCDC. The funds will be utilised to implement city-wide security camera installations, with the aim of enhancing safety and security for all residents. Additionally, PM Marape urged the youth, particularly those found wandering the streets of Boroko and Port Moresby, to seize opportunities for second-chance education, fostering personal development and creating avenues for small business growth.

Joining PM Marape and Governor Parkop at the launch event were Moresby North-East MP Hon. John Kaupa, Moresby South MP Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, Moresby North-West MP Hon. Lohia Boe Samuel, and prominent business leaders from the Boroko area.

Once regarded as a vibrant and thriving hub of Port Moresby during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Boroko has unfortunately experienced a decline, plagued by rising crime rates and an unsightly environment marred by littering and betelnut spitting. PM Marape fondly reminisced about the glory days of Boroko when he used to play rugby league at the Lloyd Robson Oval, now known as the National Football Stadium. His affinity for Boroko led him to refer to himself as a ‘Boroko Market Boy’.

The ‘Boroko Precinct Transformation Project’ sets out to revive Boroko’s former splendor, embracing a zero-tolerance policy toward crime, littering, and the sale and spitting of betelnut in the area. Subsequently, the project aims to extend these improvements to other parts of Port Moresby.

PM Marape expressed his support for Governor Parkop’s vision of establishing Port Moresby as the premier city in the Pacific by 2030, urging the nation to rally behind this shared objective and contribute to its realization.

“I endorse his vision, and I urge you all to endorse it too. Let us unite in our efforts and make it a reality,” asserted PM Marape.

The Prime Minister stressed that the transformation of any location hinges on fostering respect among individuals and within communities.

“As Papua New Guineans residing in various regions across the country, we must all play our part,” he emphasised. 

“The most significant contribution we can make is to honor and respect one another and the communities in which we reside.”

Reflecting on Boroko’s descent from a prominent precinct to its current state, PM Marape conveyed, “Boroko was once a thriving community, renowned as one of Port Moresby’s premier locations, but sadly, it has deteriorated over time.”

He further highlighted the contradiction of supporting the national rugby league team, the Kumuls, while tolerating a city marred by neglect and lack of consideration for others.

“Do not expect the Prime Minister to solely develop the country if you are not actively contributing in your own small way. It starts with respecting others and the communities in which we live,” PM Marape asserted.

“By respecting each other, our communities, neighborhoods, streets, and Boroko itself, we can contribute significantly to our nation. Let us strive to create a safer, better, and cleaner environment—an ‘Amazing Port Moresby’ that benefits us all.”