Prime Minister Hon. James Marape delivered a heartfelt message today, urging Christian women not to lose hope in their sons amidst the growing social challenges faced by young men in the country.

Addressing the audience at the National United Foursquare Women (UFW) Convention 2023, held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium, PM Marape emphasised the importance of supporting and embracing troubled sons within the family, church, and community.

He is committed to fostering positive change, supporting the youth, and working alongside faith communities to build a stronger and prosperous Papua New Guinea.

“We must not abandon our sons who may be causing distress in our homes, churches, or communities,” expressed PM Marape with conviction.

He further highlighted the Government’s second-chance education programme, encouraging the congregation to welcome these young men into their churches. PM Marape shared his pride in the programme’s success, stating, “Over the past four years, we have provided a new lease of life to 50,000 young men and women through second-chance education.”

Recognising the pivotal role of the church as a source of positive influence and guidance, PM Marape extended his call not only to the Foursquare Church but to all faith communities across the nation.

“In addition to Grade 12 completion, we will provide comprehensive small business training and employment opportunities in Australia for these individuals,” assured PM Marape.

In an impassioned appeal, PM Marape urged mothers within the church not to be discouraged or disheartened by their sons’ challenges, but rather to embrace and support them. By doing so, he believes that these young men will in turn become protectors and advocates for the women in their neighborhoods, be they daughters, mothers, or sisters. Together, this collective effort will contribute to a better Papua New Guinea in the years to come.

Acknowledging the multitude of issues facing the nation, PM Marape emphasised the need for collective action, calling upon women to stand by their sons during these trying times.

Drawing inspiration from the National Anthem’s call for the sons of Papua New Guinea to “arise,” PM Marape rallied all young men across the country to rise up for the betterment of their homeland.

Highlighting the immense agricultural potential throughout the nation, PM Marape mentioned the viability of utilising land for commercial crops such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla, and copra.

PM Marape also shared the recent inauguration of a fish depot and market in Esa’ala Station, Milne Bay, providing the local population with opportunities to benefit from the region’s abundant marine resources.

“I urge the church to explore small business ideas, and my government stands ready to offer support,” affirmed PM Marape. 

“There are already diligent and hardworking individuals within the church community, and we are partnering with Bank South Pacific, National Development Bank, and Women’s Micro Bank to provide accessible loans. We intend to extend this support to women in the Foursquare Church and other congregations.”

PM Marape reiterated his government’s commitment to assisting churches and announced a contribution of K200,000 to cover convention costs, even though the Foursquare Church had not requested any financial assistance.