Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today invited the MASHAV Training Agricultural Centre (MATC) to partner with Papua New Guinea’s National Agriculture Research Institute on agricultural research on his first official visit soon after arriving in Israel.

At MATC in Tel Aviv, the Prime Minister took note of what the centre has on offer in terms of capacity building for the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Marape said he appreciated the centre’s motto, which is to partner for a better world.

“Your conversation on partnering for a better tomorrow is good and relevant and resonates well with my Government’s initiative to grow the agriculture sector in PNG.

“If you’re looking for a nation to partner with you in the area of agricultural research, you cannot find any place better than PNG.”

He said MATC has much more to offer in the space of innovative agriculture and added that PNG has a diversity of plant species and marine biodiversity as well to research.

“Our natural state of vegetation is an interesting area of science and research as well as the different fruit species we have in our country can be an important bank for sustenance of humanity going forward.”

He said the centre’s knowledge, science and expertise can be of mutual benefit for both countries worked out through a partnership arrangement with PNG institutions and departments.

“I want to offer my country, Papua New Guinea, for this partnership arrangement to contribute to a better world and I look forward to MASHAV Survey visit later this year to gaze our views on how best we can exploit the training opportunities on offer by MASHAV.”

Prime Minister Marape said his ministers Hon Richard Maru and Hon Rainbo Paita, as well as the rest of the contingent would play a part in selling the country as a place of partnership. The delegation will witness the opening of PNG Embassy in Jerusalem tomorrow (5/09/23).

*Background information

MATC – MASHAV’s International Agricultural Training Center – since 1963 specializes in human capacity building, transfer of knowledge and professional support in the fields of agriculture, water management, environment and rural development.

MATC designs and implements MASHAV’s agricultural cooperation programs and professional training activities in Israel and abroad. Its cooperation programs are inspired by the Israeli development experience and combine both practical agricultural know-how and the Israeli spirit of innovation. Activities include international courses and tailor-made training activities in Israel and in stakeholders’ countries, as well as long and short term advisory missions and agricultural projects. Trainings are held in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.