The Chief Secretary to Government, Mr Ivan Pomaleu, continues to encourage more Government departmental and agency heads to apply for and attend the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Government’s (PILAG) Leadership and Management Program.

He made these remarks during the launching of the second batch, who will be undergoing training for the next 30 weeks.

“I had the honour of addressing the 2023 graduation on April 14, 2023. Amongst the graduands were 10 Heads of Departments and Agencies that had successfully completed the pilot of this program in 2022 through the “Recognition of Current Competence” (RCC) or aka “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) modality.

“In that graduation, we singled out that group as the pioneers of what was to become a flagship program for public sector leadership capacity building in the future,” Mr Pomaleu said.

He said the Marape/Rosso Government and our development partners in various sectors all agree that a significant development challenge for us as an emerging economy is “ethical leadership” at all levels and in all sectors of our governance.

“The National Public Service “Ethics & Values Based Executive Leadership & Management Capability Framework 2013” is a watershed document that represents the common desire of the Government and its partners to address and redress the ethics and values component of public sector leadership.

“The Capability Framework is derived from the PNG Constitution, National Goals and Directive Principles No. 05, which, in part, calls for; a fundamental re-orientation of our attitudes and the institutions of government, commerce, education and religion towards Papua New Guinean forms of participation, consultation, and consensus, and a continuous renewal of the responsiveness of these institutions to the needs and attitudes of the People;

“The Framework has six values (1. Honesty, 2. Integrity, 3. Accountability, 4. Respect, 5. Wisdom & 6. Responsibility) and 10 capabilities (1. Role models ethical behaviour, 2. Leads with personal drive, commitment and resilience; 3. Provides Strategic direction; 4. Promotes Change and innovation; 5. Communicates with influence and political awareness; 6. Build collaborative relationships; 7. Builds Staff Capability and Commitment; 8. Plans and monitors work tasks for achievement; 9. Promotes effective and efficient service delivery and 10. Strengthens institutions)

“The leadership values and the competencies pervade and undergird all the recent wave of PILAG reforms including the enabling legislation (PILAG Act 2017), its flagship leadership program called Executive Diploma of Leadership & Management, the NEC policy 64/2021 and the current program you are about to attend,” Mr Pomaleu said.

He said a copy of the Framework has been issued to you so take time to read the framework. It will cushion your learning experience over the next 30 weeks!

On 14 April, 2023, I took the opportunity to stress the gist of the NEC Policy 64 that was approved in April, 2021, which essentially says: “No PILAG Certificate, No Employment, No Promotion in the National Public Service.” The speech, headlined the Post Courier on Monday, 17 April, 2023, rightfully so.

I understand that PILAG and DPM are working around the clock to review the legislative framework to “give teeth” to the policy. This training will be mandatory soon.

“At the graduation, I also called for all Government Heads to take up the course and I am overwhelmed by the huge response of more than 43 applicants. Let me commend those who have taken up the offer.

“I encourage the Departments, Agencies, provinces and districts to oblige as it is an investment of national importance. 

“The transition from the office to the learning environment calls for humility and surrender of position, power, perks and privileges. It means many of you will have to learn to receive orders and quickly unlearn the habit of giving orders. Humility is a biblical principle and virtue that rewards its advocates and practitioners well. So be humble.

“Your own unique experiences at the workplace will add value to the learning process. So do not be afraid to share.

“PILAG will do everything in its power to “facilitate” your learning experience and journey. Grab the opportunity with both hands. If Online Learning is not your thing, humble yourself and admit to your facilitator,” Mr Pomaleu said.

He said PILAG has engaged the services of current and former public servants and academics to “co-facilitate” the program. It is also talking to PNGNRI to participate by discussing research findings to add flavour to the units and themes of the program. Sounds like a very interesting journey ahead. Do not miss the world for it!

“I would like to close with the same closing remarks on 14 April 2023 graduation; a definition of the word ethics. Ethical behaviour is being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right thing, WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING OR WATCHING. It is all about self-regulating and self-directing.

“As you commence your learning journey, may the God of our forefathers who granted them the wisdom to craft the timeless PNG Constitution, grant you the wisdom to navigate the challenges of the 30 weeks ahead and to graduate with your accolades in due time,” Mr Pomaleu concluded.