Prime Minister and Treasurer Hon. James Marape Urges Swift Action on Minimum Wage Issue

Prime Minister and Treasurer Hon. James Marape has issued a directive to the Department of Labor and Employment, emphasising the urgent need to address the longstanding minimum wage issue.

The directive comes in the wake of a meeting between Prime Minister Marape and Labor and Employment Minister, Hon. Kessy Sawang, where discussions revolved around various challenges faced by the department.

“The minimum wage issue has been outstanding since 2014,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

“I have instructed Minister Sawang that the minimum wage of K3.50 per hour should be reviewed to align with the escalating cost of living and changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“A comprehensive report will be presented to me at the earliest opportunity, allowing us to determine a fair rate that considers the plight of our low-wage earners while ensuring the continued viability of our companies, particularly small businesses.

“We are committed to striking a fair balance between the welfare of employees and the sustainability of businesses.

“This initiative reflects Pangu Pati’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that everyone in the economy can navigate these challenging economic times successfully.”