Prime Minister Assures Jobs for University of Papua New GuineaHealth Graduates

Prime Minister Hon.  James Marape today assured the 347 new graduates of the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences of immediate employment opportunities.

Addressing the graduates, Prime Minister Marape emphasised the acute shortage of health professionals within the country.

“You don’t have to look for a job,” he stated, affirming the government’s commitment to hire the new workforce comprising doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory specialists.

“The Government will pick you up because we need more nurses and doctors. Employment is almost certainly guaranteed to every one of you in this school.”

Highlighting the dire statistics, the Prime Minister noted that the doctor-patient ratio in Papua New Guinea stands at one doctor to 17,000 patients, a figure substantially below the World Health Organisation’s standards.

“We are a long way from this but we are competent and can fill this gap. Let’s work together,” he said, signalling a call to action for both governmental and educational bodies to address these discrepancies.

In his speech, Prime Minister Marape also lauded the ongoing efforts to bolster the medical education infrastructure, citing over K40 million allocated by the government over the past three years to enhance the capabilities of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He also praised the school’s collaborations with other universities and encouraged continued partnerships to maintain the high standard of healthcare education, worker shortage.

Further, he endorsed the proposition of establishing a standalone university for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This initiative aims to significantly address the nation’s health

Today’s ceremony marked the 69th graduation of the University of Papua New Guinea, with the School of Medicine and Health Sciences being its oldest institution. Among those celebrated was Prof. Isi Kevau, a noteworthy alumnus of the country’s inaugural medical school, for merly known as Papua Medical School. Prime Minister Marape commended Prof. Kevau for his enduring dedication and significant contributions to national healthcare.