Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Commends Peaceful Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today praised the citizens of Papua New Guinea for a tranquil Christmas and New Year period, highlighting that reports from across the country indicated a harmonious celebration.

“Reports I have received confirm that the Christmas and New Year period has been very positive throughout the country,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

“Lawlessness was contained, and mutual respect prevailed over the festive period.”

Having personally assessed the situation in Jiwaka, Western Highlands, Hela, and Southern Highlands during his visits over Christmas and New Year, Prime Minister Marape noted the absence of special police operations in these provinces, allowing the residents to enjoy their celebrations without significant law-and-order issues.

It was a similar case nationwide.

“I thank the people of Papua New Guinea for this. It shows that people respond to calls for respect for each other,” added Prime Minister Marape.

Emphasising the government’s role in service delivery as the country embarks on a new year, Prime Minister Marape encouraged citizens to engage in lawful and productive activities.

“Show respect and tolerance towards each other, as we have shown over Christmas and New Year,” urged Prime Minister Marape.

“As a government, we will focus on expanding education opportunities, mobilising youths, supporting small businesses, and more.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Prime Minister Marape stressed the significance of unity, especially with the upcoming 50th anniversary of independence in 2025.

“It starts in the hearts and minds of each individual by respecting each other,” said Prime Minister Marape.

Addressing public servants, Prime Minister Marape urged diligence and commitment to achieving maximum outcomes in line with the Medium Term Development Plan IV.

“I am excited about 2024 and assure the nation that your Government will be doing its best with all cylinders firing,” said Prime Minister Marape.