Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Responds To Accusations byPeter O’Neill

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill should take a good like at himself before tainting the reputations of Papua New Guinea contractors.

“When Peter O’Neill points a finger at Papua New Guinea contractors, there are four more pointing back at him,” Prime Minister Marape said when rebutting accusations by O’Neill that he was awarding contracts to companies close to him.

“He has a far shadier and dishonest reputation of awarding contracts to his own companies during his time as prime minister.

“O’Neill, since I took over from him as prime minister in May 2019, has been using any and every opportunity to discredit my personal integrity.

“However, it is well-documented that O’Neill is a far shadier character, who enriched himself from

Papua New Guinea‘s coffers like a man possessed – awarding contracts to his companies.”

Prime Minister Marape said he has no shareholding in companies like Ipwenz and others, as claimed by O’Neill.

“I have no shareholding in Ipwenz and other companies, unlike O’Neill, who had his greedy tentacles everywhere,” he said.

“I do, however, encourage Papua New Guinea companies in the construction space.

“Moses Palipe, who owns Ipwenz, has long been in the construction business and is not a shady character like Peter O’Neill and his Wild Cat companies that has a record in not delivering projects.

“I do not know where O’Neill got his figures from, and then using them to make serious allegations against contractors, without verification from the Department of Works and Highways.

“Ipwenz, and the companies O’Neill has made serious allegations against, fairly bid for and were awarded the contracts by Department of Works and Highways.

“These companies operate in some of the most-rugged and unforgiving terrain in the country, however, get kicked in the teeth like this by the disgraced former prime minister.

“These companies are more honest and deliver work than Peter O’Neill and his shadowy Wild Cat companie.

“Peter O’Neill was known for giving contracts to his own companies, and foreign companies, unlike now where we have over 300 local companies operating in all corners of our country”.