Prime Minister James Marape Announces K18 Million Funding for Madang-Baiyer Road Project

Prime Minister James Marape has announced an K18 million funding from the National Government to the Middle-Ramu District to construct the missing link Madang-Baiyer Road.

The road will connect Madang and Baiyer in the Western Highlands Province and will serve as a short and alternate route to connecting the seven Highlands provinces.

Prime Minister Marape announced the funding when launching the Madang-Baiyer Road project and the Middle-Ramu District’s Five-Year District Development Plan 2023-2027 at Sagapi Village in the Kovon Local Level Government area today.

He said not only Middle-Ramu but many other remote areas like Kaintiba in Gulf Province, Telefomin in Sandaun, Menyamya, and others who have been left out and are not yet connected will be connected through the Connect PNG programme.

“I have come here today because I see your Middle-Ramu Member Hon. Kansol Kamdara has you people in his heart by doing the right thing to connect the district. Therefore, the National Government will fully support the district plan and ensure funding of K100 million will be disbursed to the district in the next five years,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“I have been growing up and attended school in remote areas of the country during my childhood years and know what life is like in areas like Middle-Ramu and I am emotionally taken back.

“I wish we had enough money to fix everything we need to do with money. However, we do not have enough resources, but I urge every one of you not to give up hope. I have to say that one day a machine will come to your area to construct your roads. I appreciate the work your local Member and Madang Governor Hon. Ramcey Pariwa are doing to build the Madang-Baiyer Road and have put aside a funding of K18 million. The National Government will also match that and add another K18 million towards that road project.”.

He said that the National Government has the kina-for-kina policy where the government will add the same amount a district or province comes up with on any programme or project that has high economic value and benefits the majority of the people.

Prime Minister Marape said he was pleased to see Middle-Ramu as the first district in Madang Province to come up with a district development plan. The National Government will support the Middle-Ramu District plan and will commit K20 million a year and urged the district to use the resources wisely.

Prime Minister Marape also challenged the people of Middle-Ramu not to claim any form of compensation or demand money from the contractors who will be working on the Madang- Baiyer Road so the road can be constructed without any hassle.

He urged the people to show a good example to other districts and parts of the country.

“When they are constructing the road, do not claim compensation. I want you to make a commitment and say no to compensation. My good people of Middle-Ramu, do not put claims for monetary gain for your trees being cut, stone and gravels being taken or used on the road, and unnecessary claims The contractors and the Department of Works and Highways know and will assist you as and when they construct the road.

“The National Government does not want to hear this issue of money and compensation first before any roads or project is constructed, especially in the development of this Madang-Baiyer Road. The road is a vital economic link and lifeline that will last generations, but the money you get will be wasted in days,’’ he said.

Prime Minister Marape said the government does not have enough money to pay for compensation and at the same time build roads.

He said roads will unbundle rural PNG and districts like rural Baiyer, rural Middle-Ramu, and the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Marape also commended the local MP Kansol Kamdara for his efforts and for coming up with the District Plan, which the government will support The National Government also noted the district’s ambition to connect its people with other parts of the country with the Madang-Baiyer Road.

Prime Minister Marape and Minister for Works and Highways Solan Mirisim, who accompanied the Prime Minister, told the people of Middle-Ramu that the National Government has seen and heard the people’s plight and will fund the road project and the district’s five-year development plan.