Prime Minister James Marape Commits to Developing Kokoda Trail for Enhanced Tourism and Local Benefit

In a commitment to harness and enhance the tourism potential of the iconic Kokoda Trail, Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has pledged to develop the trail across Central and Northern (Oro) provinces. This development aims to improve the livelihoods of local communities while maintaining the authenticity of the trail experience.

His recent walk from Kokoda to Isurava with Australian Prime Minister Hon. Anthony Albanese has reinforced the significant opportunities that lie along the trail.

“Prime Minister Albanese and I witnessed the profound hospitality of the people from both Oro and Central sides towards all tourists trekking this Papua New Guinean icon,” said Prime Minister Marape.

“We passed hundreds of Australian trekkers who were well cared for by their guides and porters. This firsthand experience showed me what needs to be done to elevate this leading tourism product of our country,” Prime Minister Marape remarked.

“A series of improvements are slated for implementation in collaboration with the Kokoda Track Authority, the Kokoda Initiative, and governmental bodies at multiple levels, including Central and Oro provincial governments, local governments, wards, and the local communities.”

Prime Minister Marape emphasised the need for modern enhancements, particularly in sanitation. “While Prime Minister Albanese adapted well to traditional facilities, it’s clear that we can enhance these for better comfort and convenience. Additionally, establishing communication towers will ensure internet access throughout the trail,” he said.

The Prime Minister remains focused on balancing modern amenities with the trail’s historical and cultural essence.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for international trekkers, respecting the trail’s nature as an outdoor adventure and a pilgrimage site to honor soldiers from WWII,” he said.

“These efforts underscore the government’s initiative to boost tourism and economic activity in the region, promising a brighter future for residents and a richer experience for visitors from around the globe.”