Prime Minister James Marape Emphasises Spirit of Service Among Public Servants in Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has called upon public servants to embody a “spirit of service” towards the populace of Papua New Guinea. This call to action was made during the opening of the new Markham District Administration complex and the unveiling of the Markham District Development Plan for 2023-2027 on Friday, March 29, 2024, at Mutzing Station.

Underlining the significance of the governmental efforts since taking office in 2019, Prime Minister Marape highlighted the unprecedented levels of funding directed to all districts across the nation, including Markham. He emphasised the crucial role of public servants in ensuring the effective utilisation of these resources for the benefit of the communities.

“I want to tell public servants that there is so much money being funneled into your hands,” stated Prime Minister Marape, reinforcing the necessity for a dedicated approach to governance.

“There must be a spirit of service to your people, spirit of labor for your people, spirit of care to your people.”

With the Easter period serving as a backdrop, Prime Minister Marape urged public servants to commit to higher standards of service, stressing the importance of working with compassion. “We must work with compassion to serve our people,” he said.

The establishment of the modern Markham District Administration complex was recognised by the Prime Minister as a pivotal development that should facilitate public servants in delivering exceptional service to the district’s inhabitants. He further elaborated on the expectations from district officers to consistently demonstrate a commitment to serving the community across various sectors including education, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), agriculture, and other productive endeavors.

“District officers should work with a heart to serve all people at all times in areas such as continuing education, SMEs, agriculture, and productive activities,” said Prime Minister Marape.