Prime Minister James Marape Encourages Graduating Students to Embrace Values and Responsibility

Prime Minister James Marape delivered an inspirational message to the graduating students of Iarowari Agro Technical Secondary School during their 61st Grade 10 and 8th Grade 12 combined graduation ceremony today in Sogeri, Central Province.

Addressing the young graduates, Prime Minister Marape emphasised the significance of putting God first in their lives and embodying values of love, care, and respect. He reminded the students that life is precious and should not be squandered on detrimental activities such as illicit substance use.

“Your journey ahead is a valuable one, and I urge you to prioritise God and uphold the values of love, care, and respect. Life is a gift, and we must cherish it,” Prime Minister Marape conveyed to the gathering of 175 Grade 10 and 188 Grade 12 students.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of education, he highlighted the students’ responsibility as future leaders and contributors to the nation’s progress.

“Your country needs you, and you will be the ones to lead us forward. I implore the graduating class to live your lives as positive examples, as time is fleeting. Therefore, students must place God and their country at the forefront, honor their parents and families, and maintain self-respect,” Prime Minister Marape stressed.

He encouraged the students to seek wisdom and knowledge through prayer and faith in God, emphasising that God serves as their moral compass in life.

Additionally, Prime Minister Marape called upon the graduates to exhibit humility and respect towards their parents, guardians, and teachers. He urged them to transcend tribal boundaries and prioritise the unity of their nation.

“Listen attentively and remain humble in your interactions with others. Prioritise your nation over tribal affiliations. By doing so, we can collectively advance our country,” he advised.

The Prime Minister also underscored the long-term consequences of life choices, urging students to refrain from harmful activities such as drug use and to make responsible decisions that will shape their future positively.

“For you, the Grades 10 and 12 graduates, this is not the end of your journey. Challenges may arise, but by placing God first and utilising the skills you’ve acquired here, you can overcome them,” Prime Minister Marape concluded.

The graduation ceremony marked a significant milestone for the students as they prepare to sit for their National examinations in October.