Prime Minister Marape Addresses Opposition’s Vote-of-No-Confidence Motion with Confidence

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has openly welcomed the Opposition’s motion for a vote-of-no-confidence against him. This announcement came shortly after the Acting Speaker, Hon. Konie Iguan, briefed Parliament about receiving the notice at 1.45pm today, just before the February session resumed.

“I welcome the notice of motion of a vote-of-no-confidence by the Opposition,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

He further elaborated on the procedural aspects highlighted by the Acting Speaker, confirming the motion’s registration and emphasising its role within the democratic framework of the nation.

“This is part of the democratic process of this country and will run its course,” he affirmed.

Prime Minister Marape conveyed a strong message of resilience and commitment to democratic principles, contrasting his stance with the approach of past administrations.

“I want to assure the country that I will not run away from this like past governments used to. This is a constitutional process, and if leaders on the other side have no confidence in my leadership, they are free to test their numbers in Parliament,” he said.

The Prime Minister reassured that his government would not resort to isolation or defensive strategies immediately, such as going into camp, in response to the motion.

He announced a forthcoming meeting with coalition partners and the full Pangu Pati caucus, underlining the absence of panic or distress within his administration.

“We are not panicking or showing any signs of distress. We want to assure the country that we respect this process,” Prime Minister Marape stated, pointing out the enhanced capability and awareness of contemporary leaders to make informed decisions for the nation’s welfare.

Reflecting on his tenure, Prime Minister Marape highlighted the challenges faced and the efforts made to stabilise the economy since taking over in 2019. He expressed confidence in the leadership’s recognition of the government’s achievements and the distinct progress from past decades.

“Leaders on both sides of the house have seen what we have done, they know the quality of leadership, and they know that this is not the 1980s or 1990s – this is 2024,” he remarked, showcasing his belief in the informed judgment of his fellow leaders.

In a recent affirmation of his leadership within the Pangu Pati, Prime Minister Marape mentioned the party’s national convention’s decision to retain him as the party leader and prime minister. He highlighted the robust support base across different regions and the coalition’s strength, ensuring the public and the business community of political stability and the government’s continuity in governance.

“I want to assure our citizens, and the business community, not to be concerned about the political events taking place. We will get over this issue, like we did in 2020, and get on with the business of running the country,” said Prime Minister Marape.