Prime Minister Marape Applauds Upcoming Edevu Hydropower Project Operations

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape expressed his satisfaction upon receiving the announcement that the monumental K770 million Edevu Hydropower Project, situated along the Brown River in Central, is set to commence operations next month.

Having inaugurated the project in April earlier this year, Prime Minister Marape acknowledged the government’s collaboration, facilitated by Kumul Consolidated Holdings, in partnership with the project. The government has committed K120 million towards the establishment of a 132KV transmission line connecting Edevu to Port Moresby. This contribution supplements the K650 million already invested by Chinese investor PNG Hydro Development Ltd.

In light of the imminent project launch, Prime Minister Marape emphasised the significant positive impact the endeavor will bring to the Port Moresby Grid, which is currently facing operational constraints and frequent power outages.

“This initiative will play a crucial role in alleviating power supply challenges in the National Capital District, as well as Central and Gulf provinces,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

Reflecting on the broader implications, Prime Minister Marape underscored the Edevu Hydropower Project as an exemplary achievement of what a government agency accomplished through a collaborative effort with a private enterprise.

He recounted the progress achieved during the past four years of his tenure, refuting criticisms that have cast doubt on the government’s accomplishments.

“The K650 million hydro power station and the K120 million allocation for the 132 KV transmission lines exemplify strategic investments aimed at lighting up previously underserved regions of Papua New Guinea, including National Capital District, Central, and Gulf provinces. These regions stand to gain the most from this transformative initiative,” Prime Minister Marape said.
Moreover, Prime Minister Marape took the opportunity to highlight the project’s socio-economic contribution. “An estimated 2,000 jobs have been generated, both directly and indirectly, benefitting the communities of Central and NCD,” he affirmed.

Prime Minister Marape extended gratitude towards the landowners and developers for their dedicated efforts in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. He commended the proactive approach of Edevu landowners, exemplifying effective collaboration with foreign investors as a model for other landholders across the nation.

Acknowledging the commitment of PNG Hydro Development Ltd and its Managing Director, Allan Guo, as well as the Chinese financier, Prime Minister Marape hailed their unwavering dedication to the project since its inception in 2009. In particular, he highlighted their perseverance during the challenging times posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The dedication demonstrated by Mr. Guo and his team amidst the global adversity caused by COVID-19 is truly remarkable. It serves as a testament to the confidence of an international investor in Papua New Guinea’s potential,” Prime Minister Marape said.