Prime Minister Marape Appoints Hon. Joseph Lelang as Minister forRural and Economic Development

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today announced the appointment of Kandrian-Gloucester MP and former Opposition Leader, Hon. Joseph Lelang, as the new Minister for Rural and Economic Development. The announcement comes on the heels of Hon. Lelang’s formal swearing-in by Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae at Government House, signaling a pivotal moment in the nation’s governance.

“Minister Lelang assumes a portfolio of paramount importance, overseeing the Office of Rural Development, National Economic and Fiscal Commission, Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, and the Sovereign Wealth Fund, among other critical entities that are the backbone of our economy’s growth,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

“This extensive responsibility underscores the strategic importance of Minister Lelang’s role in bolstering Papua New Guinea’s economic framework.”

The ceremony was marked by the presence of notable figures, including Mrs. Nancy Lelang, Mrs. Rachael Marape, West New Britain Governor Hon. Sasindran Muthuvel, and several Cabinet ministers, reflecting the high regard in which Hon. Lelang’s appointment is held across the political spectrum.

Prime Minister Marape further elaborated on Hon. Lelang’s impeccable credentials, noting his economic acumen and considerable experience as a former Secretary for National Planning and Monitoring.

“With his profound expertise and comprehensive understanding of economic principles, Minister Lelang is uniquely positioned to spearhead our nation’s rural and economic development initiatives,” he emphasised.

Acknowledging Hon. Lelang’s principled stance during his tenure as Opposition Leader, Prime Minister Marape commended his constructive approach and refusal to succumb to the pitfalls of adversarial politics.

His integrity, combined with a commitment to offering viable alternatives, has been instrumental in shaping our policy direction,” Prime Minister Marape added, underscoring the collaborative spirit fostered by such leadership.

In welcoming Hon. Lelang into his new role, Prime Minister Marape expressed confidence in his ability to navigate the complexities of the economy with insight and integrity.

“His transition from Opposition to a key ministerial position is a testament to our shared vision for a prosperous, equitable Papua New Guinea,” Marape said, signaling a unified front in the face of the nation’s challenges.

“This strategic appointment marks a pivotal step towards strengthening the nation’s economic and rural development, as Papua New Guinea continues to navigate the path toward sustainable growth and prosperity.”