Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape has ex- tended his heartfelt commendations to Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) for their pivotal role in resolving the critical JETA1 supply issue that has significantly impacted the nation’s aviation sector.

Their collaborative efforts and recent agreements with major airlines under- score a milestone achievement in ensuring a stable and sufficient fuel supply, which is crucial for revitalizing air travel and supporting economic recovery across PNG.

The aviation industry in PNG has faced unprecedented challenges due to persistent fuel supply disruptions, primarily resulting from Puma Energy’s inability to meet its contractual obligations citing foreign exchange (Forex) issues.

These disruptions have led to widespread travel delays and economic set- backs, prompting urgent governmental intervention.

“The efforts of OTML in securing a reliable JETA1 supply chain are commendable,” said Prime Minister Marape.

“Their proactive measures and strategic partnerships have provided a much- needed solution to the fuel shortage that has been deeply concerning for our nation.

“I am proud and deeply appreciative of their dedication to resolving this critical issue and taking back PNG’s control over its aviation sector.”

OTML’s long-term supply agreements with PNG’s major airlines ensure an uninterrupted flow of JETA1 fuel, supporting operational efficiency, flight schedule reliability, and the overall stability of the aviation sector. This collaboration marks a significant step towards restoring confidence in air travel and stimulating economic growth.

“The collaboration between OTML and our major airlines is a testament to the resilience and determination of our nation,” Prime Minister Marape continued.

“This partnership not only ensures the operational continuity of our airlines but also emphasises the critical importance of reliable aviation services for our people.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged the substantial investments made by OTML which guarantees that the JETA1 fuel meets stringent international standards for safety and performance.

These efforts are critical for maintaining the safety and performance of all flights operating within and from PNG.