Prime Minister Marape Confirms Papua New Guinea’s Participation in the 2025 Osaka World Exposition

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape officially confirmed today that Papua New Guinea will take part in the 2025 Osaka World Exposition in Japan, an event set to host 150 countries and 25 international organisations.

Prime Minister Marape emphasised that PNG’s participation in this global event will have a significant impact, leading to diversification in the export market and an inflow of capital.

He stated, “This presents a remarkable opportunity for us to promote our nation as a prime tourism and investment destination. It will also enable us to showcase the high-quality products that we are ready to export to the world, including our renowned coffee, cocoa, vanilla, kava, taro, marine products, unique items from our fashion industry, and many more.”

The Prime Minister further disclosed that the government has allocated funding in the 2024 National Budget to facilitate Papua New Guinea’s participation, including the establishment of the PNG Pavilion.

Additionally, Prime Minister Marape announced the appointment of His Excellency Peter Vincent, PNG’s outgoing Ambassador to Malaysia, as the Commissioner-General of the PNG Pavilion. He expressed confidence in Mr.  Vincent’s ability, citing his extensive experience with Air Niugini, as CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, and his role as Ambassador to Malaysia, to lead the efforts in setting up the pavilion and effectively promoting the country and its products at the expo.

The National Expo 2025 Coordination Team or Secretariat will be chaired by the National Trade Office. The coordination team will consist of representatives from the departments of Prime Minister and NEC, Commerce and Industry, Treasury, Finance, National Planning and Monitoring, Justice and Attorney-General, Foreign Affairs, and International Trade and Investment.

Prime Minister Marape concluded by stating, “The political oversight committee will be headed by Minister for International Trade and Investment, Hon. Richard Maru, and will include ministers for Treasury, Commerce and Industry, and Foreign Affairs.”