Prime Minister Marape Meets Steamships Executives, WelcomesNew Managing Director

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape had a productive meeting with top executives of one of Papua New Guinea’s oldest trading companies, Steamships Trading Company, in Port Moresby this morning. The meeting took place over breakfast and included discussions with the outgoing Managing Director, Mr. Rupert Bray, and the newly appointed Managing Director, Mr. Chris Daniels.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Marape expressed his pleasure at hearing from Mr. Bray and Mr. Daniels, both of whom voiced their confidence in the country’s economy and the Marape- Rosso Government’s economic management. They highlighted the creation of a conducive environment that has helped restore investor confidence over the past five years, from May 2019 to May 2024.

Steamships Trading Company, which began operations in 1918, has been a significant player in Papua New Guinea’s growth and development. The company has expanded into various sectors, including property development, hotels, shipping, logistics, and more.

Mr. Bray and Mr. Daniels shared with Prime Minister Marape their ambitious plans to transform Port Moresby’s Central Business District (CBD). This includes redeveloping existing properties into modern hotel complexes and office buildings. Notably, they discussed the redevelopment of the Moresby Inn, situated opposite their iconic Grand Papua Hotel.

Additionally, Steamships Trading Company has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company is partnering with PNG Power Ltd to promote and develop clean, green, and sustainable energy solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The Down Town Plaza has already seen a significant upgrade with the installation of solar panels on its rooftop, a step towards utilising renewable energy sources.

This initiative is part of Steamships’ long-term commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Prime Minister Marape has been vocal in calling on industrialised and developed countries to take concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions and protect small island nations in the Pacific from the adverse effects of global warming.