Prime Minister Marape Welcomes Foreign Policy White Paper Drafting Team

Prime Minister Marape and Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. James Marape has extended a warm welcome to the esteemed members of the Foreign Policy White Paper Drafting Team.

During a meeting held on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, Prime Minister Marape emphasised the enduring importance of this policy.

Led by the capable Team Leader Sir Charles Lepani, the team comprises accomplished individuals including Dame Jean Kekedo, Dame Meg Taylor, Gabriel Pepson, Robert Igara, and Douveri Henao. With diverse backgrounds spanning public service, the private sector, and foreign service, the team is well-equipped to shape Papua New Guinea’s foreign policy agenda.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Elias Wohengu also graced the meeting with his presence.

“I warmly embrace this distinguished team of Papua New Guinean luminaries who will lend their expertise to our Foreign Policy review,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

“The foundational ‘Friends to All, Enemies to None’ policy was conceived by the Pangu Party even before our nation’s independence in 1975. As we approach the 48th anniversary of our sovereignty, it is imperative that we construct a Foreign Policy Framework that takes into account the changing landscape of politics, economy, trade, environment, and more, while upholding the reasoning behind our engagements with all nations.

“I have complete confidence in the expertise and dedication of the Foreign Policy White Paper Drafting Team. Their members are distinguished representatives from Papua New Guinea’s public service, private sector, and foreign service, and their combined efforts are poised to make a substantial contribution to the prosperity and well-being of our nation.”