Prime Minister Marape’s Commitment to Duties Amidst Political Climate

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape continues to prioritise his official duties, despite the ongoing political tensions. This week, he is traveling to various provinces and districts to promote service delivery and social development within local communities.

Early this morning, Prime Minister Marape visited rural Paramana village in the Abau District of Central Province to inaugurate an early childhood learning double-classroom. Despite his busy schedule in Waigani, he made time to attend the event, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his country, regardless of the political environment.

Prime Minister Marape also acknowledged the leadership of Abau MP Hon. Sir Puka Temu and encouraged continued collaboration for the district’s betterment. Gulf Governor Hon. Chris Haiveta was also present at the event.

Reflecting on his tenure, Prime Minister Marape stated, “In my term of office since May 30, 2019, as Prime Minister, I have visited the most parts of our country than any other Prime Minister before me. This is because I love this country so much. I have also travelled the world and from that I can say that I would prefer to live in my own country than to live somewhere else. And I want to play my part today, as long as I am in office as Prime Minister, to chart a brighter, smarter and better Papua New Guinea.”

At the gathering in Paramana on the Aroma Coast, Prime Minister Marape emphasised his commitment to his role and the nation’s future.

He stated, “My work as Prime Minister and leader of this beautiful nation must continue despite whatever the situation is. And me coming here today to be part of an early childhood learning classroom opening programme is because I care for PNG’s future and the event today deals with children who are truly the future of this nation.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged the efforts of the local community and leaders, praising their initiative and innovation.

“I’m here to acknowledge and add value to the initiative-taking ability of local community citizens or leaders who have the heart and passion to be innovative and not always wait upon government or business houses for help,” said Prime Minister Marape.

“That is the kind of approach and mindset my government envisions and would like to support and add value to.”

He also recognised the contributions of the Abau people to the PNG economy through various means, including missionary work and employment in public and private sectors. He commended the village elders, ward councillors, and local level government leaders for their perseverance and dedication.

The Prime Minister encouraged the Abau district to leverage its resources in fisheries, forestry, agriculture, and tourism for better living standards and access to essential services. He highlighted the importance of clan and land registration in preparation for the upcoming National Population Census and future development activities.