Prime Minister Urges Peace in Enga and Highlights Opportunities Amidst Porgera Mine Reopening

In a heartfelt plea to the youth of Enga, Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has called for an end to tribal conflicts and encouraged communities to embrace the economic opportunities presented by the reopening of the Porgera gold mine. Amidst ongoing tribal violence in Enga, which has resulted in numerous casualties, this appeal aims to shift focus towards development and prosperity.

Enga Governor Hon. Sir Peter Ipatas expressed his full support for Prime Minister Marape’s vision, emphasising the importance of peace for progress. In response to the crisis, the Prime Minister has pledged comprehensive support to the Enga Provincial Government, promising enhancements

to local judicial and law enforcement systems to ensure stability and justice.

Addressing the young men of Enga, particularly those from the warring tribes between Wapenamenda and Wabag, Prime Minister Marape said, “I urge you to reject the path of conflict and choose peace. Abandon your arms and invest in your futures through education, faith, and entrepreneurship.”

Highlighting the economic benefits of the New Porgera project, the Prime Minister outlined the expected financial gains for landowners and the local government, which promise to invigorate the entire region.

“The reopening of Porgera is not just about mining; it’s a catalyst for comprehensive community development, offering unprecedented opportunities in education, infrastructure, and resettlement,” he added.

Prime Minister Marape’s message was clear: the cycle of violence only serves the interests of a few, while jeopardising the well-being and future of many. “Let us not be pawns in the games of those who profit from our division. Together, let’s build a stronger, more prosperous Enga,” he said.

The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of unity and peace for the collective benefit of Enga and Papua New Guinea.

Ï envision an Enga where peace reigns, paving the way for growth and development. Let’s put down our arms and walk together towards a brighter future,” he said.