Prime Minister Marape Calls for a Shift in Mentality Among People of Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has urged the people of Papua New Guinea to shift from a mentality of dependency to self-reliance. The call was made during the launch of the Nipa-Kutubu District Development Plan 2023-2027 on Friday.

“You must stop this mentality of expecting money and claiming compensation from projects and or road construction,” said Prime Minister Marape.

He emphasised the short-term benefit of such expectations, noting, “The money you get will be for short-term use, and services will still be lacking, and you will continue to live in the dark.”

Prime Minister Marape strongly discouraged the constituents from approaching their local leaders for unnecessary financial aid. “I am discouraging you from asking for money from your MPs or governors,” he stated.

Prime Minister Marape also highlighted the strategic focus of all district plans aligning with the national development agenda. “The National Government will support your districts and fund the plans and support what your MPs are doing,” he continued.

In his speech, he expressed satisfaction with the ongoing infrastructure developments. “Member, I am happy to see you building a road for the very first time from Nipa into Mount Bosavi and Kutubu, which have been missing out a lot.”

“The road you are constructing will get the National Government’s backing,” he assured, announcing a financial boost of K5 million to support the ongoing projects.

“Today, I have brought you K5 million to help support the contractors your District Development Authority to connect the missing link and Mount Bosavi people.”

In addition, Prime Minister Marape gave an additional K2 million for local development. “I have also brought another K2 million for your people of Nipa Kutubu to be used for development purposes in the district.”

He also addressed the slow progress of the road construction from Mendi to Nipa and into Tari, calling for an acceleration in the works.

“The Mendi to Nipa and Tari Road needs to be restored and sealed, and I am concerned about the slowness of contractors and Department of Works and Highways in progressing this,” he remarked.

Prime Minister Marape concluded by emphasising the importance of accountability and local economic growth.

“We, as leaders, must stand up and account to our people. To the Nipa Kutubu people, leave behind your yellow envelopes and demand on MPs for money, and let the money be used for other things,” he urged.

“I encourage the local MP and Defence Minister, Dr. Billy Joseph, to come back and operate at Nipa Station,” he added, calling for sustained local presence and commitment from the leaders.

“The people of Nipa, please, in the next three years, don’t ask for money from MPs and stop demanding land compensation. Allow the projects to go ahead and let the roads be built and schools and health centers,” he appealed.

“The roads will bring nurses, doctors, and teachers to come look after and take care of your people and teach your children.”